Copenhagen 2020
Feb 7th – 9th Module 23: On Core Deficiency (ongoing group) Dr Claus
Mar 14th Module 4: On Support, Grounding and Confidence (open to all) Dr Claus
Mar 15th Module 1: Disengaging from Inner Criticism (open to all) Dr Claus
May 1st – 3rd Module 18: On Contact (ongoing group) Dr Claus
Jun 5th – 7th Module 19: On Self (ongoing group)  Dr Claus
Aug 7th – 9th Module 16: On Clear Perception (ongoing group)  Dr Claus
Oct 2nd – 4th Module 17: On Guidance (ongoing group)  Dr Claus
Dec 4th – 6th Module 20: On Emptiness (ongoing group)  Dr Claus