Disengaging from Inner Criticism

22 students

This course presents methods for detecting, describing, and disengaging from inner criticism.

The course works from a view of the human psyche as a collection of inner parts. This has two important consequences for the work with inner criticism

First, inner criticism is seen as something that can be exerted by any part towards any other part – and something that is often mutual between parts.

Second, disengaging from inner criticism is in this course not conceived as the process of getting rid of a particular part (an inner critic), but rather as a change in the way all inner parts relate to each other (inner criticism).

Disengaging from inner criticism is a profound inner transformation that will have widespread positive effects on your general emotional state, your motivation, your ability to relate to others, your ability to receive feedback from others, your possibility for unfolding your full potential, and many other areas of life.

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