On nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment

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When you ask yourself why you want the things you want, you will notice that you are often seeking nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment. You want a specific job because you believe it will bring you a sense of satisfaction. You want a specific relationship because you think it will nourish you. You make choices in life based on what you believe a fulfilling life should look like.

However, often the way we pursue the sense of nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment in our lives, will in effect limit how often and how deeply we feel these things. Therefore, it is important to take time to explore nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment in your moment-to-moment experience.

This course is a guided exploration of nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment. First, we explore the felt sense essence of nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment. This develops your capacity to notice it when you feel it. Next, we look at some of the mental, emotional, and behavioural patterns, that prevents you from noticing nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment. By realising how the very ways in which you seek nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment distracts you from noticing it, you can begin to relax these patterns and enjoy a more ongoing experience of nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment. Finally, we explore how a more ongoing sense of nourishment, satisfaction, and fulfilment will impact your life. We look at how it changes the way you perceive, feel, and act in relation to yourself and others.

This course is meant as a supplement to therapy. It cannot substitute for working with a professional therapist. I do not encourage anyone to go through the course without either doing regular sessions with a therapist while going through the course or having already worked with the main part of the material presented in the course in a group retreat at Sensing Mind Institute or a similar place.

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