Disengaging from inner criticism

The theme of the workshop is how to disengage from the inner critic, in particular in relation to spiritual work.

Most people are familiar with the inner voice that tells you that whatever you just did (or didn’t do) is wrong. It is the voice that tells you not to ask a question at a lecture because it probably is a dumb question. It is also the voice that after the lecture tells you that you are a coward for not asking. The inner critic may seem like it is offering guidance, but in effect is mostly creating feelings of shame, guilt, and inferiority without providing real support in life.

The spiritual journey is a journey of self-discovery. On this journey, it is necessary to see yourself clearly and honestly. You must see your immaturity to mature. You must see your mistakes to learn and grow. One major obstacle on this journey is the inner critic. If you do not learn to handle the inner critic, it will attack you every time you see something new about yourself – making the journey of self-discovery very difficult and scary.

When you learn to disengage from the inner critic, you can journey much faster and enjoy your life’s lessons and your ongoing growth much more. You will be able to meet yourself and to mature without being compromised by the shame, guilt, or fear, resulting from the attacks of the inner critic. You will be able to listen to more parts of yourself with kindness and compassionate understanding, which enables these parts to blossom and add to the wholeness of you.

In this workshop, you will learn ways to detect the inner critic, both in its overt manifestations and when it poses as “guidance” or “conscience” or simply as if it were stating the facts. You will also learn concrete ways of disengaging from the inner critic. Finally, you will learn about compassionate and non-judgmental ways of listening to yourself and others.

Disengaging from the inner critic is truly one of the kindest things you can do for both yourself and the ones you love.

The workshop is a possibility to get introduced to Sensing Mind Institute and Claus Springborg, who is offering retreats in London.

To sign up, write a mail to: info@sensingmind.com