Students say

Joe, Psychotherapist/Bodyworker, London

I deeply appreciate the way Claus teaches and holds the group, with such warmth, clarity and friendliness, yet with appropriate and clear boundaries. It is a safe and free place where we can risk being more fully ourselves and explore our growing edges of awareness, allowing our shadows, light and dark, into our experience. The way he works with us individually within the group is so sensitive and respectful, and yet so precise and non-collusive. Time and again his zen-like ‘minimalist’ approach to teaching slices through confusion like a knife through butter, guiding us to experience our essence just the other side of it.

Ian, counsellor / psychotherapist, Edinburgh

“What did I learn through working with Claus? I began to learn that I have capacities within which are more satisfying and meaningful than the rewards which our society commonly offers. That it is possible to feel peace, joy and contentment as an ordinary human being, and to access the internal support which makes the continuing journey possible”

Diana, therapist / healer, Kinloss

“I had one-to-one sessions with Claus, which were highly insightful and safely held. Claus is very intuitive and skilled to distillate out the issue, which needs working on and helping to reconnect to essence and their different aspects time and time again. His openness and curiosity coupled with passionate dedication to truth is a powerful combination. I appreciate his own embodiment and sincere care. I love doing essence work and doing it with Claus is a pleasure”

Gabi, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Findhorn

“Working with Claus means experiencing a safely and appreciatively held space where self-discovery becomes a gentle unfolding and an exciting adventure at the same time, even when the going gets tough. With his compassionate, his clear and impartial presence, he embodies what he is teaching and makes Essence tangible. His precise and fearless guidance allows me to access uncharted territory and expand consciousness into essential being. I experience the work as inclusive, gracefully integrating different aspects of my previous inner journey”

Stephen, shiatsu practitioner, London

“As a teacher, I appreciate Claus’ clarity, precision, and care as well as the immense personal integrity he brings to his work with me and others. In both retreats and private sessions I experience a perfectly held spaciousness that allows me to open to my own truth in authenticity and safety.

For me, individually, what has been of great importance as I have moved into very challenging personal territory has been knowing, through experience, that no matter how turbulent the exploration, no matter how swiftly the ground shifts or how deeply I delve that Claus will maintain a precise, continuous, contact throughout, ready to provide whatever guidance I need to move confidently through my process.”

Andy, Ethical Investment Adviser, London

I really value the program of retreats, group meetings and one-to-ones that Claus offers. It’s a deep and comprehensive package that I can weave into my busy work and family life. I really appreciate the blend of the psychological and spiritual all grounded in direct experience. In particular, the razor sharp way ‘fuzzy’ spiritual subjects and essential states are presented and discussed is so helpful.

Michael, investment manager, London

“I absolutely recognize that working with Claus on a one to one basis (in addition to the retreats) has been essential for my inner development. Almaas writes that “your teacher is your best friend” in supporting your self realization by seeing, acknowledging, mirroring, and valuing the essential states that arise within the student. For me, this has rang very true. The extra time and attention that I get in the one to ones have been a very rich greenhouse for me to practice embodying the process of staying with whatever is arising and to explore essential qualities deeper.”

Sue, management consultant, London

“Working one-to one with Claus is truly transformational – he brings exceptional skill, insight and sensitivity in working with me on my life long, unresolved and persistent issues. It is and has been a life changing gift and wonderful adventure. Be open and expect change!”

Mike, teacher, London

“I’m drawn to working specifically with Claus for a number of reasons:

During workshops, he is open and attentive to all students. He picks up on not just the words, but the emotion that sits behind them. And this is his entry point to your felt sense. He doesn’t let it go, he’ll go as deep as you are ready to go but with an unconditional compassion that won’t push you further than you are ready within the workshop setting.

When one to one with Claus, he will then take you deeper. He will pick up on what draws his interest and you will spend quality time focusing on just one aspect. It’s like the main course of a meal where you really get your fill of one particular aspect of a bigger issue. Like zooming in on one part of you. Until you reach a state of peace or understanding that allows you to approach life from that point, giving you access to a part of yourself underneath your personality structure. It’s difficult to put into words but once you start to work with Claus you will feel the felt sense of it”

Craig, manager, Edinburgh

“I have attended 2 workshops with Claus. I am constantly amazed at the power of his interventions. I am not quite sure how he does it. I have worked with numerous facilitators, undergoing Gestalt and Transactional Analysis training. Claus somehow simplifies the process of transformational change. He takes the drama and fear out of everyday issues and blocks. He works with such grace and focus I find the the spiritual element he brings to his work identifying with my beliefs as I grow older.

In our last group I did some work with him that transformed the way I perceived and felt in an awkward work setting. Within a week of our course I had the opportunity to “put into practice” my learning -it was effortless and turned a usually stressful situation into a productive and graceful one.

I highly recommend Claus and look forward to working and learning with him.”